How can juicing help you lose those hefty pounds?


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in the so called extreme weight loss diets like Atkins and the alkaline diet, with some mixed successes. An emerging winner has become drinking juices to help either combat tiredness, lose weight and improve vitality and fitness. So how can juicing help you shift the extra pounds? We take a closer look into, juicing recipes, juicing for weight loss and health benefits of juicing.

What is juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting natural juices from fruit and vegetables. Thanks to technological advances in the kitchen, this is often done through a machine. Juicing helps to take out the important nutrients like iron and vitamin D as well as break down the fruit and vegetable to its most basic form. Juicing can either be with pulp or pulp free- the juicing machines will either deposit the pulp (quite dry) separately in a different chamber to the juice, or will add the pulp into the juice, making it more viscous.

Fastor centrifugal juicers tend to be cheaper and faster, easier to clean but are not as efficient at extracting the most nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the fruit and vegetable. An example of a fast juicer is Breville Juice Fountain at around $150-170.

Slow or masticating juicers are more expensive, slower (suggested by its name) but far more efficient at extracting the membrane and ‘stickier’ nutrients of a fruit or vegetable. An example is Kuvings Slow Juicer, retail price of around $350. Click here !

Health benefits of juicing


The health benefits of juicing is immediate vitality and energy from drinking the juice. This is because, essentially, the juice is a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients like iron. This is far better than heat-treated and pasteurized juices which will have lost its goodness through the process. Juices are also in a form that the body can easily digest and absorb, rather than in a solid. The body finds solids more difficult to digest.

Juicing recipes

Some simple recipes for the uninitiated are:

Carrot, apple and ginger- carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta carotenes, for anti-aging and cancer fighting. Apples help the bowels and ginger is excellent for the digestive and immune systems.

Carrot and spinach- carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta carotenes, and spinach rich in iron and folic acids, good for the immune and blood circulation.

Juicing for weight loss

Juicing for weight loss is an excellent way to lose the pounds. It doesn’t contain any fats and helps keep your eating craves at bay. Some juicing recipes include tomato and cucumber juice and spinach and apple juice.


Juicing is the new way to be healthy. It’s easy, and if you buy the right machine for you, can provide immediate effects like vitality and renewed energy. It can even help with weight loss. If you play your cards right, it can be both nutritious and tasty!

How juicing for weight loss really can help you

We read so much about juicing for weight loss and how it can help you getting fit and healthy. But, so many of us really don’t understand how juicing really can help you in losing weight and getting fit. Here are some of the most common reasons how juicing really can help you in losing weight and help you in getting fit and healthy.

Reduction in cravings for unhealthy food

One of the hardest things that we can struggle with, when we are trying to lose weight, is the fact that we are getting cravings for our favourite, but also unhealthy food. This is normally because of cravings, that we start eating unhealthy again, and start gaining weight instead of losing weight.

However, if you are drinking a glass of fruit and vegetables without any added sugar, you are really feeding every cell in your body; making it less likely that you will get a craving for something unhealthy. Normally a craving mean that your body isn’t getting all the nutrients that it should, and if you are juicing for weight loss, you are going to get all the nutrients that you need, and you will stop craving the unhealthy foods. Benefits-Of-Cucumber-Juice-To-Lose-Weight

You will not eat between meals

If you are juicing for weight loss and you are making healthy smoothies, you are actually making sure that you are really full. The nutrients will keep you fuller for longer and you will not get hunger pains very often. This means that you will not want to eat between meals, because your previous meal wasn’t filling enough.

So many people think that if they are eating really small meals, three times a day that they are going to lose weight. However, if you are eating small meals, you are going to stay hungry and you are going to have a bigger change of eating between meals. Letting you gained weight instead of losing weight.

Getting more healthier food in your diet

Consuming the right type of food, that has all the nutrients that we need, will make sure that you are getting healthier food into your diet. And, with the juicing for weight loss there is no added sugar, fat or any other unhealthy food in the juice. Making it healthy to drink.

And, because of the fact that there is no added ingredient that is unhealthy to you, you will start losing weight. The moment that you add sugar or fat to the juice, you will be less likely to lose weight and to get the body you always wanted.

Juicing can be a great way to start losing weight and to start having a healthier lifestyle. But, this is only if you are using the best possible juicing recipes for weight loss. Normally, these juicing recipes don’t include any ingredient that will let you gain weight. These were just a few reasons why juicing can assist you in losing weight. With your juicing for weight lossand your exercise routine, there is no reason why you can’t lose weight and start living healthier. Read more..

Understanding how juicing is a great

Understanding how juicing is a great

There is a phenomenon reaching across the globe and that phenomenon is juicing. Juicing is a delicious way to get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you’re going to need from fruits and vegetables that you actually like. Pair up some delicious combinations and try new juicing recipes that sound like they maybe delectable. If you need to know more you can visit this link: here. Juicing isn’t a new fad, it helps with weight loss and has been around for quite some time, helping the people using juicing to get the full effects of the method. Juicing is a wonderful way to get all of your necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure that you’re getting all of your nutrients.

Some juices are sour, I don’t like them

That’s alright, it’s easy to sweeten just about any juice. Adding apples or melons adds sweetness to the juices, making some of the less pleasurable combinations kinder on the taste buds. Most of the time the juices though are wonderful as they are, if you need a little more sweetness, or would like it more sour there are ways to make the juices much more pleasing for your desired tastes, and you can feel free to alter any juicing recipes for you own taste.                                                                             

Pay attention to your body when trying new juicing recipes!

Your body can and will tell you what it can handle, if you’ve eaten something unsavory, you may want to experiment to find out what it was, before avoiding that one product in your juicing. Especially if you’re using juicing for weight loss you should pay attention to your body. Also visit our best article here about the topic here. Your insides know what they can and can’t handle and what they do and do not need. Your body knows what it needs, and it will let you know when it isn’t capable of dealing with a certain kind of food. As always you should never ingest something in mass for it could make you ill. Variety is essential.

 Understanding how juicing is a great

How can you implement Juicing into your diet?

That is pretty simple, you can replace most of your beverages with a juice of some concoction. You can also use juicing recipes and alter them for your needs. For example you can replace the water or stock in a soup with juices. Making for a more flavorful and interesting taste. Juicing can also be used to cook other things, such as meats in, making the flavors of the meat and juice intertwine and create a great thin sauce for rice or other plain tasting sides.

Juicing isn’t a new revolution in weight loss and some of the best juicing recipes for weight loss are found through a simple google search, or by trying out random combinations for yourself. Always pay attention to your body and try to find new, eventful ways to add more juicing to your diet. If you not satisfied you can also checkout by clicking here. The necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are necessary for a wonderful diet, and are often times left out of the human diet. Juicing is an amazing way to collect the necessary nutrients without sacrificing taste.

Best Natural Juices For Weight Loss

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If you’re looking for juicing recipes, chances are it’s juicing for weight loss that interests you most. Juicing has been suggested far and wide as an ultimate solution for weight loss, and in truth it can be a great way to lose a few extra kilos without compromising on health and wellness.

Does juicing work for weight loss?

The quick answer is yes. However, that’s not the whole answer. Too many people are looking for something- whether it’s juicing for weight loss or some other new trend- that will magically melt of the kilos without them having to actually put in any effort. In truth, the only long term sustainable weight loss comes from dietary change geared toward a healthy lifestyle and a simple exercise regime. There is no miracle cure, pill or potion out there. Responsibility and habit control are all that will ultimately get you the results you want. Get walking, or pick a sport or activity that gets you moving but which you enjoy. Stand up and stretch once in a while at work. Keep hydrated.

However, the best juicing recipes for weight loss have one thing that most short term diets don’t- healthy vitamins and minerals, still in a natural form. Juice is highly digestible and easy to absorb nutrients from, too. This means that juicing can be a great way to really amp up your daily intake, without weighing yourself down or adding too many calories. Do be aware, however, that most fruits do contain sugar and can therefore add up in your daily calorie count, so you need to choose your juices carefully. Read this featured post for more info! 

Some of the best juicing recipes for weight loss.

Firstly, any and all of the vegetable juicing recipes you can find are going to be positive for weight loss. In most types of veggies it’s possible to juice, calorie content is low while high fibre leaves you feeling pleasantly full. Make a tasty veggie juicing recipe or two your go-to juicing for weight loss solution. There’s a ton of delicious combinations out there, a simple google search away, or you could get creative and invent your own. Remember that starchy vegetable need to be consumed in moderation- but most of these don’t make good juice recipes either.

What fruits can be used in juicing for weight loss?

There are some fruit juices that are positive for weight loss too. Of course, the old friend lemon juice makes a great metabolic kick starter. It also cleanse the body and can assist with blood sugar. Orange juice, consumed in moderation as it does contain sugar, aide digestion, improves iron absorption and can boost weight loss. For something a touch fancier, opt for Acai berry juice. It will boost Vitamin B as well as Omega acids and some protein. It’s also packed with anti-oxidants. Even plain old Apple juice can have tremendous juicing for weight loss effects. The pectin in the apple not only boosts your health but reduces body acidity and keeps you regular.

Juicing recipes including these powerhouse ingredients will soon have you on your desired weight loss journey, also you can find some others receipes in this link:

Vegetable Juicing for Weight Loss

Whenever I look up new workout material or ways to drop the weight, I tend to find the outdated notion of just drinking water and nothing but water, basically for the rest of my life. I have to say, there are just too many amazing tastes out there I want to try out to do that. Now, I understand where the authors are coming from when it comes to this. Most beverages come packed full of sugar, and even the diet sodas have imitation sugars that cause brain health problems. Juices found at the store also come packed full of sugar and other unnatural additives, usually to extend the shelf life of the products. That is why I started to juice on my own. By mixing up my own juices, I’ve been able to enjoy amazing flavors that are especially rich and flavorful. Beyond this, when I need to drop a few pounds, I’ll use some of these juices for a meal replacement or to help cut the cravings in between meals. Some of these juices also help kick my sweet tooth desires as well. I do have a handful of different recipes, but I think these are probably my favorite.

The Mean Green

Just about everything green goes into this juice. It comes with lemon, and lemon has been found to help increase weight loss. With that information, I always have a bit of lemon, even if I’m just drinking water. Plus it really brings out the refreshing layers of almost any beverage it comes with. This recipe can improve complexion, blood circulation and also help prevent sagging skin as well. Beyond just helping me drop the weight, there are a half dozen other serious medical benefits connected to this juice. The recipe is as follows:

  • 2 medium apples
  • 4 stalks of celery
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 thumb of ginger root
  • 6 kale leafs
  • 1/2 a lemon

Now, this recipe is rather straight forward, but I’ll switch up the apple to what is in season or what is on sale. I do like the Granny Smith apples thanks to the added tartness. I feel like it goes great with the ginger and lemon as well. However, the Golden Delicious is also a nice alternative. It’s not as tart, but also a bit sweeter than red apples. Of course, it really is up to anyone to decide what the best kind of apples are for the diet.

Heart Health Juice

I’ll drink this one often before a workout as it helps boost the oxygen flow in my body, so my muscles can recover faster. However, I do throw out the word of caution that it is a deep, reddish/purple color, so anyone who drinks this needs to have their toothbrush handy, otherwise they might end up at the gym with purple teeth. The juice can also benefit those who are looking for a liver cleanse, such as after a night of drinking. The beet juice is healthy and provides a detox for the liver. It can also help with other cleansing practices, such as for people who suffer from jaundice, diarrhea and hepatitis. The ingredients are desirable for cleansing the blood and colon, not to mention strengthen the heart in order to prevent heart disease. I’ll drink this the day or two before heading to the beach, as carrot juice helps reduce water retention as well. The recipe is as follows:

  • 15 leafs of beet greens
  • 1 beet root
  • 7 medium sized carrots
  • 2 kale leafs

This recipe is rather straight forward and there are no real alternatives to the ingredients.

The best juicing recipes proven for weight loss

weight-loss-by-juicingWithout any doubt the Health benefits of juicing are utmost. No one can deny from them. Especially when it is the concern of weight loss, then Health benefits of juicing can helps you superficially. They not only help you to lose your weight but they also keeps your body and skin healthy and full of fitness. For looking towards the functioning of Juicing recipes you would have to look how weight loss actually happens.

Weight loss is the mechanism in which body demands the fewer intakes of calories and more burning of calories. Now if you want to done this mechanism without hitting the actual health of your body then you may opt for the Juicing recipes. Juicing recipes actually provides all of the nourishments to the body without boosting the fatty level of the body.

Make your weight loss journey pleasant by adding Best juicing recipes for weight loss:

Most probably people prefer to follow the heavy dietary plans in order to lose weight. Such dietary plans start hitting their health and immunity system as well. Now what I the suggestive option for you is to use Best juicing recipes for weight loss. Such juicing will not only help you to lose your weight but it will also prevent your immunity system from becoming compromised.

Use raw juicing recipes:

Of course only a cup of juice will not be more than a fashion. For sake of keeping your body fit you may go for the option of raw juices. Raw juices will provide all basic nuttiest and you can also do exercise along with its intake as well. Raw juice will act like a fuel for your body and will provide strengthened power to you.

Recipe # 1:

  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 glass of water
  • Half tea spoon sugar

Grind the material well. And your weight loss juice is ready to use.

Recipe # 2:

2 lemons
A cup of green tea

Mix the lemon juice in green tea and drink it in the breakfast, at evening and at bed time.

Cleanse your body toxins by Best juicing recipes for weight loss:

Have you ever noticed why we fell ill? Basically our body systems do have capacity to resist against the toxins. But some of the times our system stops proper functioning and thus starts giving path to the toxins to enter in our body through junk foods like pizza, pasta, chips and burgers.

Now for sake of getting rid of such entrapped toxins we can intake the juices of various tremendous flavors. Such Best juicing recipes for weight loss will let our body to get rid of such toxic chemicals.

Nourish your body with 3 juices per day:

After doing a sweep clean of your body toxins, now kick start nourishing your body. You may go for 3 various varieties of juices per day. Better is to opt the juices of green leaves and greenish vegetables. Green juice recipes lose the body weight more rapidly.

From the above discussion the Health benefits of juicing are crystal clear. Juicing recipes not only let us to lose our weight but them also keeps our body health intact. The basic mechanism on which Juicing recipes are based embraces green juice recipes, vegetable juice recipes and fresh fruit juice recipes.

How to Make Your Own Vape Pen Juice

Vape Pen Juice

This is the one juice recipe that is not for healthy and weight loss reasons. This is just for plain pleasure. The electric cigarettes or Vape Pen are getting more popular by the day. But, their refill pens are getting more expensive and cost you a pretty penny to keep this habit going. However, here is a recipe on how to make your own Vape Pen juice.

What herbs you will need to make this Vape pen juice

The good thing about making this juicing recipe is that you can use any herb. Some of the herbs that you can use for this recipe are:

• Lavender
• Garlic
• Mint
• Milk thistle
• Tabaco and many other.

You can even play a little bit and mix some flavours together and making a mixture of blends for your Vape pen juice. The most important part is that you should know which herbs are going well together and which don’t. Or your recipe will end up a more information at

The other ingredients to make your Vape pen juice

The first thing that you will need to make your own Vape pen juice is getting yourself a 3,5 gram of pure blond powder. You can also use the flower tincture, but it isn’t recommended. The pure blond powder is more powerful and is the best that you can use for your pen juice recipe.

The second thing that you will need is to get about 2-3 ounces of the highest proof alcohol that you can find. You will need about 180 proofs or higher. This can be quite hard to find, and in some places even harder than other places. The most important thing that you should remember is that the alcohol must be drinkable. The alcohol for medical use won’t work at more latest update from this website.

If you don’t find the highest proof alcohol, then you should consider getting something like Vodka that is 100% or at least 50% alcohol. The other alcohol types won’t work at all. The third thing that you should have is about 4 ounces of 100% USP-food grade vegetable glycerine. And one canning jar with a lid that are sterile.

The directions

Vape Pen Juice

To make the juice recipe you should firstly you should place your herbs into the jar and add the alcohol. You should cover your herbs at least by ¼ inch. Then you should put the lid on and shake well. If the alcohol gets absorbed by the herbs, you should add some alcohol. Put the jar in a dark place and let it stand for about 10 to 14 days. Then you should strain the herbs from the alcohol by using a cheese cloth. Add the alcohol in a clean jar and add the glycerine and shake well. Then you should fill your Vape Pen by following the manufactures specifications.

There are new ways for smoking and using a Vape pen is the latest way of smoking. But the refills can be cost you lots of money. By following this juicing recipe you can refill your Vape pen, much cheaper.

Best Juicing Recipes for Cancer Prevention

Juicing Recipes

There is always a demand in juicing recipes for cancer. Cancer is becoming a big part of our lives. Even, if we liked it or not. And the fact is that the healthier we are living, the less change we will have in getting cancer. There are lots of different kinds of juicing recipes that we can make ourselves at home that can help prevent Cancer. Here are a few of those recipes that you can make yourself.

Cantaloupe Carrot and Orange Juice

The first juicing recipe that you can make for helping prevent cancer is the Cantaloupe carrot and orange juice. All ingredients that you will need to make this delicious and nutritious juice are:

• A third of a Cantaloupe, the rind included,
• About three carrots,
• One pealed orange.

Why this juice is a cancer prevention juice, is because the Cantaloupe and the carrots are very high in Beta carotene. Or like we know it, Vitamin A. And Vitamin A is helping preventing Cancer.visit our official website at

Strawberry and apricot juice

This juice is a cancer prevention juice recipe, because there are lots of antioxidants in this juice. Antioxidants help the fight against cancer. In this recipe you will need to have:
• 4 Apricots, without their pits.
• 6 large Strawberries.

This juice might only have two ingredients, but these two ingredients have lots of antioxidants and are quite delicious together.

Carrot Broccoli Garlic Juice

This powerful all-veggie juice is just the thing if you are looking for a serious juice recipe for preventing cancer.

The ingredients of this juice are:

• About 4 large carrots,
• 4 Stems of broccoli, preferably large
• 1 glove garlic.

This is a powerful juice, because of the garlic that has antibacterial properties and the broccoli that is very high in vitamin A, vitamin B and calcium. And the more nutrients your body is getting the better the change will be that you can prevent cancer.

Sweet Potato Spinach Juice

This juice recipe doesn’t really sound that delicious, but not everything in live that is good for you, can be tasty. And if you don’t like anyone of these ingredients, you probably won’t like the taste of this juice. But, this juice has all the nutrients you need to help prevent cancer. If a juice can help prevent the most dreadful disease, then taste doesn’t matter.

What you will need to make this juice recipe are:

• One thick slice of sweet potato. About 1 ½ inch will be about right,
• About 15 spinach leaves
• 3 carrots.

Juicing Recipes

The sweet potato is a super food that is rich in vitamin A. All three these ingredients are high in fibre, and have a large variety of vitamins and minerals.

Like every other juice, all you need to do with these juicing recipes is that you should blend all the ingredients together, and drink as cold as possible. Cancer is a very serious disease, and if you can prevent this disease with drinking juice, why not? And with these juicing recipes that are perfect for preventing cancer, you can stay healthy and hopeful stay cancer-free.

6 Best Juicing Blogs

Best Juicing Blogs

Do you thinking about the health benefits of juicing and want to start making and drinking fruit and vegetable juice? Then you will also know that it can be quite tough to find the best possible juice recipe that looks and taste great. There are juicing blogs where you can go to for advice or even great tasting juicing recipes. Here are the best juicing blogs where you can get all the help you need to start off with your fruit and veggie juices.

Reboot with Joe

Reboot with Joe knows everything about all the health benefits of juicing and how to make the best juicing recipes that has the most nutrients and that are the tastiest. You can even get advice for salads and smoothies.

Reboot with Joe also gives advice for weight loss, fitness and all the different juices that are best with fitness and weight loss.

Juice recipes

Juice recipe is all about weight loss and the best juice recipes for weight loss. She has experienced in juice for weight loss and knows how to make a juice that has nutrients and are tasty at the same time. On this blog there are also a list of health issues and the right juice that can help you with this specific health issue.visit us for more details.

Juicing for health

The third blog that you can go to when you have some questions about juicing and the health benefits about juicing is Juicing for health. Here you can get any answers for health issues and juicing for a healthier lifestyle. You can even get information about body detoxification and get free juicing recipes. On this side, you will find all the answers you need about health and juicing.

Just on Juice

On the blog, Just of Juice, you can get all the information of juicing. Not just for health issues, but for any possible reason why you should make your juices. With all the juicing tips that you can find here, you will know everything about juicing and the different reasons why you should drink juice.

Juicing diet works

On this blog, the writer is passionate about juicing. But, on this blog, you are not only able to find information about juicing, but also about other vital health information. Here you can find all kinds of juicing recipes and even some tasty smoothies as well. And of course you will be able to find some weight loss tips as well.

Prime Juicers

Best Juicing Blogs

Prime Juicers is places where you can get every tip you need to know about juicing. This is the ideal place for beginners to find out everything about juicing, so that you can juice successfully. Here you can find different juicing recipes, even some tips about all the different juicers that you can use for making your delicious juices.check more related information at

These six blogs are some of the best blogs that you can find all the information about juicing and health tips. On these blogs you will learn the importance of juicing and how to juice successfully. And not to talk about all the healthy juicing recipes that you can find on these blogs.

Easy Homemade Juice Recipes for adults and kids

Homemade Juice Recipes

There are so many different types of juice recipes that you can make for you and your kids. And, most of them are tasty and full of nutrients. You can choose between many different flavours and all of the juices that you can make have their own benefits and nutrients. There are easy recipes and there are some more advanced recipes. Here are easy homemade juice recipes for adults and for kids, so that your whole family can benefit from health juice.

Homemade juice for kids

Every mom knows how hard it can be to get children to eat any vegetables. There are just a few children that are eating veggies. But, there are a way that you can make sure that your children gets all the nutrients that they need to grow. There are lots of juice recipes for children. Here are two juice recipes that you children will enjoy, and they won’t even know that they are drinking vegetables.

• Super green foods: This green juice is packed with all the necessary green veggies that your child is supposed to eat. All that you need is: a handful fresh parsley, 250 ml pineapple chunks, spinach leaves, 1 stalk celery stick and 1 more information from this post.

• Carrot, Apple, Beet juice: This juice is ideal for kids. It is colourful and sweet. Just like the kids will love. You will need: 1 apple, about 4 carrots and 1 young beet. You can serve this with ice for that extra special touch that the kids like.

Easy homemade juice for adults

So now and then, we as adults want to drink something full of nutrients, that aren’t for the kids. These next two juice recipes are especially for the adults. This drinks are easy to make and very deliciously. You won’t realise that this recipes are actually packed with nutrients.

• Good morning juice: This juice is designed for the adult who needs a boost of energy in the morning. The best time to drink this juice is first thing in the morning. To make this juice, you will need: about 5 carrots, 1 cucumber, 80 ml fresh mint leaves, 1 little slice of ginger and a dash of salt. Just like all the other juices, you just add all the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth.check more detailed updates at

Homemade Juice Recipes

• Garden veggie juice: If you want to have a boost of vitamins and antioxidants, then this juice is especially for you. If you want to make this juice, you will need: tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers. This juice taste great and this is all that you need to stay at tip-top shape.

Everyone should make a point of drinking at least one fruit and vegetable juice at least once a day. Then you will know that you are getting all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy. There are lots of different types of juices that are easy to make and what you can make at home. You can make all your favourite and even start making your own juice recipe.